Wednesday, 06 September 2017


                    What does it mean to have your own style?

We portray our personality with the way we dress and put together certain pieces of clothing. It tells a great deal about us and it affects how others perceive us, but I don't think that's the most important thing. This "first impression" thing. It just makes people jump to conclusions. I think that the beauty of having our own personal style is the ability to express ourselves through fashion. It's how-do-I-feel-today kinda moment or even who-do-I wanna-be-today, that I love.

For me it's a moment of such self awareness. Just think about what this means to a transvestite? A simple process of picking out clothes from ones wardrobe can be like a session with a therapist. (Which means I have just saved some money, which means I can buy new shoes!) ;)

It's all about how I feel at that moment, there's also a bit of "why" in there somewhere and then how do I want to feel and what does that say about me? It sounds complicated but in reality it just comes natural. And sometimes I am ready to go in 15 minutes! :) Just a few pluses and minuses and that's it! If only it would have been that easy with relationships!

Actually all marketing is based on these kind of questions. How does something make us feel? Imagine a commercial for a fragrance. I find these most interesting. Because they're selling something that just smells good, you know? I think it's kinda funny actually. Anyway imagine a beautiful model in a beautiful dress, and there's a lot of wind and she just flows through the air and twirls and whatever...and at the end you go and buy that perfume, because it made you fell "free" or whatever. And you felt you just needed that cherry on the top for attending your favourite summer festival, where you'll be barefoot with flowers in your hair and a perfume in your backpack. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, we all do this...I just think it's funny how we tell ourselves these stories.

We are always the main actor in our play called life. And our costumes reveal a lot about us! WHY we dress the way we do? Are we shy, or in-your-face type of person? Are we insecure about our body or proud of it and want to show it? What goes through your mind when you open your wardrobe? Who do you wanna be today?

I am also very interested and pleasantly amused with how my NEON RABBIT customers style their backpacks. So to explore these questions a bit more, my dear Ana from SWEETANNESBLOG made a couple of different stylings with my Pearl Crow Backpack.


Be bold! In life and with your stylings!

Love, Irina

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