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Once upon a time in winter


Creative process which resulted in fashion collection for S/S 2020 did not have an end date. I was happy with my sheer and light fringy pieces for those long and warm, sunny days. Nostalgically titled SUMMER OF 1972, collection drew reference from 70s but also spoke about the time we live in now and the need for a quiet revolution of love. I could not shake the feeling of being a bit like Alice falling down the rabbit hole. I wanted to explore more and see where the path takes me. SUMMER OF 1972 transformed into winter.

So as the first autumn leaves begun to break down the green chlorophyll and turned fiery-red in an attempt to store up as much summer goodness as possible before winter, I bought wool. But not just any kind. Fish bone with 30% silk. Pure royalty. Pinkish red and green.

Green Peace&Love kaleidoscope coat.

I could not pass the opportunity of pairing green with black and on the back golden laser cut kaleidoscope of rabbits, flowers and the most important word, love.

Black heart turtleneck.

Gold puffer skirt.

Black heart sheer turtleneck and a gold puffer skirt with a big bow on the back. A modern Alice.

Pink Peace&Love kaleidoscope coat.

Pink Peace&Love kaleidoscope coat.

Copper kimono

Copper kimono

The perfect dancing outfit! Eclectic blue mini with holographic like laser cut kaleidoscope.

Easy going warm denim bomber jacket.

PHOTO: Mihaela O. Majerhold
MUA: Anita Ferčak
MODEL: Ana Elez Ćiković

I think this winter collection bore fruit. Thank you for spending some time with me here. And now off to new adventures! xoxo.

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