OUT OF STOCK Black heart dress


Main part of this A/W PRESSURE fashion collection. Created with the thought of love and courage.

Don’t be afraid to open your heart. You are more powerful than you think.

In our PRESSURE COLLECTION fashion video you can see the dress on our beautiful model Ana. (Click the video to your right).


Out of stock



Soft, gentle but also edgy and cool, sheer long dress.

Mesh fabric is quite stretchy so if your size is somewhere around S or M, you’re fine.

Regarding length, if you are over 165 cm, it should be OK. And you can always wear it with heels as well.


On the top part, over the breasts I decided to hand cut black hearts. Here you can see my drawing and inspiration with the fabric.


NEON RABBIT #inspiration #newcollectionBroken heart can still beat to the sound of music.

Objavil/a NEON Rabbit dne Sreda, 22. maj 2019



There are many ways you can style this. It all depends on your personality and mood.

You can wear it as it is on the photos or you can put your favourite jeans underneath or black tights.

Regarding the top part, again style it as you feel. Don’t have a bra, have a bra or you can even have a tight spaghetti strap top.

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S / M


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