OUT OF STOCK Light jacket.


Unique and definitely one of a kind. Light, spring/summer jacket with Native American finger weave on the back.

Double mesh allows skin to breathe, but still captures and holds in warmer body temperature.



My inspiration grew from the vibe of love&peace in the 60’s and 70’s, from flower-power, long hair, fringes and other bohemian hippy accessories all the way back to Native American heritage of their finger weaving techniques. It is an art form used mostly to create belts, sashes, straps, and other items. For my first learning experience I choose to do an arrowhead weave for the back.

If you want to know more about the creation of this entire collection and see the wonderful editorial photo shoot check this BLOG POST!

Here is a short video of me struggling with the finger weave process. 🙂


NEON RABBIT Making of S/S 2020 – Arrowhead weave part 1

Don't try this at home! This video is about making a Native American weave for one of my fabulous pieces in my new S/S 2020 fashion collection.

Objavil/a NEON Rabbit dne Ponedeljek, 09. marec 2020

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