Monstera plant pants

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The beginning of my S/S 2019 collection revolved around constructing a perfect pair of pants. I wanted the cut to be casual and a bit loose, but still have the option of looking classy.




The fabric is cotton mixed with elastane so it’s stretchy! They also have a stretchy waist band so you can pull them down a bit and wear them with sneakers or you can wear them slightly higher towards your waist and put on some high heels. They have side pockets for the ultimate coolness effect 😉 Size M.

NEON RABBIT Monstera pants

Don't mind me…just check the pants.Available here! https://neonrabbit.eu/product/monstera-plant-pants/

Objavil/a NEON Rabbit dne Četrtek, 07. maj 2020


Check out this slideshow from our fashion photoshoot in Rome! You can read more about it in blog post ONCE UPON A TIME IN ROME.




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