POWER Painting on canvas.


As everything in life this painting offers possibilities of multiple interpretations. And in that sense glorifies our ability to choose our own view point and decide, consciously or not, what kind of experience will follow. I will not create one single narrative of this story, because there are many. I will say though, the painting grew from a sense of hope in times of despair, from the awareness of power of life and love. Regarding technique I will put forward two vantage points of observation basing them in accord with physical distance of the observer.

Up close, the black thin line has a sense of urgency, quick “zig-zags” seem electric and powerful. It spreads throughout the entire painting, creating and demonstrating the interconnectedness of all and every. The line eases out and becomes softer as it moves from the centre to the borders. Thus being in tune with the juxtaposition of the subject matter. 

From a far point of view, soft hues of blue, violet and a dash of purple create abstract vision of the night or universe in the upper part of the painting. Moving to the centre, colour transforms into slight fur pattern of big wild cats to splatted running paws marks at the bottom.

As the black line creates and captures the vision of life, dripping nature of aquarelle paint dissolves it in front of our eyes.





Aquarelle and ballpen.

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