OUT OF STOCK Silk Kimono – dark peach


Kimono with beautiful light to dark peach colour transition. Added luxurious effect in the form of silver fringe and lining.

It’s light, fresh, easy to style and wear. Perfect!

I can not tell you how happy I am to have the privilege of making a piece of clothing from this silk. It was made by a special weaver community in Varanasi, India. Usually this kind of fine silk is fashioned into Sarees worn only for special occasions such as weddings.

Out of stock



Very fine 100% silk. Lining 100% viscose.

This item of artisan fashion is one of a kind and unique. Maximum production quote only 1 piece.

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Additional information


This one of a kind Kimono fits perfectly if your size is a very broad range of Medium. Meaning even if your size sometimes fits clothing labeled Small or Large.