Kaleidoscope jacket.


Light and bright woman’s beige jacket.

This Kaleidoscope jacket is a unique piece of fashion. Geometrical kaleidoscope ornament on the back was imagined and drawn by hand. Mindfully cut and sewn with precision.

I think this piece is sophisticated and geometrically edgy. I love it!



Light linen fabric with a touch of polyester.

Why are synthetic fibres mixed with natural fibres?

Polyester fibres are sometimes spun together with natural fibres to produce a cloth with blended properties. Linen-polyester blends can be strong, wrinkle and tear resistant, and reduce shrinking. Synthetic fibres using polyester have high water, wind and environmental resistance compared to plant-derived fibres. They are less fire-resistant and can melt when ignited.

Lining 100% viscose.

No shoulder pads.

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Regular Small and Medium.