Wrap dress.



This wrap dress is distinct in pattern, shape and detail.  Flowers are hand cut and attached with metal pins. Sophisticated but still rebellious. Gentle jet edgy and cool.

Perhaps the most significant idea is to wear it with ease and not to consider your body as your enemy. Just tie it comfortably around your body and go!

Or don’t tie it, let it hang loosely over a t-shirt and jeans.



My conviction is to make every piece of clothing a bit avant-guarde. Easy to wear but with a little something unexpected.  This dress checks all these boxes!

This is my revolution. A message of peace&love.

In 1969 planting flowers on empty lots in Berkley were considered as acts of civil disobedience.

Dressing in clothing with embroidered flowers, wearing flowers in their hair and distributing flowers to policemen, press, politicians and spectators helped in reducing fear, anger and threat that was inherent within anti-war protests.

Allen Ginsberg’s  slogan “flower power” became an integral symbol in the counterculture movement.

If you want to experience the creative process behind this entire collection visit this BLOG POST!


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This time it actually doesn't matter. Just tie it around your waist…or don't.