When you fuse together Jefferson Airplane’s famous song White Rabbit with a mischievous little rabbit from Alice in Wonderland and teleport them into 21st century, where grand cities bathe in night neon lights you get NEON RABBIT.

It’s a psychedelic hybrid of fairytale magic and futurism.

Irina Milijić works in various fields of fashion. She is a fashion designer with an interest in exploring new possibilities of technology in textile manipulation and a fashion writer and creative director for an online magazine Atelier Dragonfly, which is all about Slovenian fashion.

NEON RABBIT slow fashion production ensures high quality manufacturing thus lengthens the life of the garment. Developed garment has an individual and emotional connection. We advocate for manufacturing in respect to people, environment and animals.

NEON RABBIT has a casual appeal of “alternative” and it’s based on individualism. It utilizes subcultural tendencies and intersects them with a peculiar 21st century way of life and tech.

It creates a space where identities can embody their own personal style.