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As one walks around the capital city of Italy it can get pretty hectic. It’s the 3rd most populous city in the EU, but never mind about that, it’s the 4th most important centre for fashion in the world! So, what do you wear when visiting Rome?

The beginning of my S/S 2019 collection revolved around constructing a perfect pair of pants. I wanted the cut to be casual and a bit loose, but still have the option of looking classy. Pants which are really easy to wear turned out, are not as easy to make. 😉

I choose black&white graphic fabric for one pair of pants and for the other I choose black&green monstera plant print. You can pull them down a bit and wear them with sneakers or you can wear them slightly higher towards your waist and put on some high heels.

We paired them with these awesome graphic T-shirts! It was a great collaboration with TRAS DIZAJN! (Check them out!)

My dear friends Suzana and Tomaž are responsible for creating thought provoking graphic design for their T-shirts. Since I have always had a soft spot for rebels, this was a perfect match!

Photos: Mihaela O. Majerhold

These awesome pants are available and now ON SALE!