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Fashion collection ARTIFICIAL PARADISE summer 2022.

As we all take off our precious layers of vintage dresses or fast fashion cheap T-shirts, the Sun warms our skin and connects to our body on a molecular level.

Everything is connected. All these layers of clothing were purposely made for us to be worn. In what conditions did they come to life? Whose hands were touching and creating what you are wearing right now? Do you know? They have a story of their own. Every item of clothing has a history, a beginning, it had to make a certain path to get to you and here, you will determine its faith. 

My path with this summer addition to spring items has been full of light! The intention was to make a cohesive collection, which embodies sleek sensuality and every day comfort. A couple of kimonos and wide pants for that Zen feel, luminous light dresses and laser cut mirrors patterns on jackets for extra light flair! Put on your sunglasses!

Fashion photography Mihaela O. Majerhold / MUA Anita Ferčak / Model and actress Nataša Keser

“Close your eyes and turn your face into the wind. Feel it sweep along your skin in an invisible ocean of exultation.

Suddenly, you know you are alive.” ― Vera Nazarian

ARTIFICIAL PARADISE Summer 2022 catalogue

Silk kimono and palazzo pants combo.

Nude dress

Kimono jacket

Nude jacket and palazzo pants

Black mesh jacket

Mesh coat with fringe

Dress with origami sleeves and drawstring backpacks

I think it’s tempting for people to hide behind a big brand logo on their T-shirts. I like to try to get to the essentials. It’s about trying to do the maximum with the minimum — to make every scissors cut count rather than just use a blizzard of material. The things that excite me about fashion design are where you really feel somebody’s unique fingerprint, their unique voice and their heartbeat in that material.

Best wishes, Irina.