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Spring 2022 fashion story.

ARTIFICIAL PARADISE – No time to waste, death is near.  

This pre / spring 2022 fashion story and designing repertoire is defined by intuition and imaginative flair. It’s a special fashion collection I designed for celebration.

Most importantly the celebration of Life.

Bringing out to the open our individual spirit, inner luminosity and intuitive sense.

The language of this scintillating fashion collection is evening dressing. However with some carefree creativity it can cross over the boundaries into a street fashion story which defines a highly personal expression of mood and style.

Therefore this hybrid concept pervades the “every day outfit” narrative and is transformed into a fresh, different and new way of perceiving our every day grind.

Luminous accents on luxurious velvet dresses and iridescent glimmers of sequin kimonos. Full of spark and flashes this fashion collection emanates the brightness of our celestial bodies.


All over sequin embroidered kimonos create a play of light and iridescent glimmers all around you. Above all they accent our inner luminosity.

Bring your inner light to the surface.


Magnified geometric and organic incarnation of the Art Deco motif embelishes these iconic wrap dresses. An original highly stylized decorations on the back and sleeves remind me of 1920’s and 30’s design which I love.

They ozze feminine and vintage allure.

In conclusion, I am giving you the opportunity to transform yourself and accentuate your ready-to-wear garments for the new season. I hope you like my work!

Best wishes, Irina.